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Lynnwood Courtyard Marriot, Saturday, June 16th, 2012

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Click on the following link For Dan Keller’s House Key State Bond Homebuyer Education Seminar Schedule
Commission-sponsored seminars By House Key State Bond Approved Lender:
•Are free and open to the public, include information about the Commission's low-interest rate House Key State Bond first mortgage program, down payment assistance, and other loan programs; and
•Are accepted by all affordable housing loan programs as meeting or exceeding educational requirements.

Instructors (Dan Keller, Seattle Area Mortgage Lender and Realtors) have attended training and agreed to standards which assure seminars:•Are at least five hours in length, covering all major aspects of the home buying process
•Are presented in an open, unbiased format
•Use approved training materials and handouts
•Are offered by professionals who have attended our House Key and Homebuyer Education

Instructor training
•No direct marketing or sales presentations may be given either by the instructor or any guest speakers
Seminar Workbook
•“Guide To Home Loans” workbook is provided by Dan Keller and the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions
Reservations are required for all seminars
If you will be using the low-interest rate State Bond House Key Program to purchase your home, you must complete the seminar before your loan officer can lock in your interest rate.

Contact Dan Keller at dan.mortgageadvisor@gmail.com to register for our next class to get your 3.5% down payment credit.

(PLEASE NOTE:  This program is subject to change.  Information in this website may not be up to date due to guideline changes.  Please contact myself or a Washington State House Key lender or real estate agent for more information)

Qualifying For A Washington State House Key State Bond Loan

In my opinion, the two main reasons why you would consider the HOUSEKEY State Bond Program to purchase a home would be:
(1) Because you need assitance with your down payment (3.5% down)
(2) You've missed the mark in regards to credit score (580 min credit score accepted)

(3) You are buying new construction (great loan programs for new construction)
(4) You are a teacher/educator (great loan program exlcusive to educators)

Now that you know that the HOUSEKEY State Bond Loan Program is something you are interested in, you need to make sure that you qualify. The main qualifying pre-requisite is household income.

Additional Qualifying Notations:
•If you've attended and obtained a certificate from a Commission-sponsored homebuyer education seminar within the last two years; and...
•If you are a first-time homebuyer, defined as someone who has not owned and occupied a primary residence at any time in the past 3 years (if you purchase in a Targeted Area you do not have to be a first-time homebuyer); and...
•If you meet the program income and acquisition cost limits listed below; and...
•If you meet with a House Key trained loan officer Dan Keller and determine that you qualify for a mortgage loan according to FHA, VA, Rural Housing Services (RHS), or conventional loan standards. Conventional products include House Key Teacher, Fannie Mae's MyCommunity Mortgage 30 year , Home Choice, and Freddie Mac's Home Possible, then... you may qualify!!

Contact Dan Keller for more information:
(425) 350-7136

Registering For A House Key Homebuyer Education Class

REGISTER HERE - Washington State Home Buyer Ed Registration Page

I detail the exact steps that you need to take in this real brief video:
Step One: Pre-Mortgage Analysis
Step Two: Decide what loan program is the "best fit" for you
Step Three: Submit loan for mortgage underwriting approval
Step Four: Attend Dan Keller's House Key Homebuyer course
Step Five: Receive State Bond Certificate, and Fund your Loan!
Step Six: Enjoy your New Home!

Seattle Area House Key Homebuyer Class Schedule

1. Saturday, December 17, 2011: Lynnwood, WA
Location: Hometown Lending 10a-3p
(lunch is provided)

2. Saturday, January 14, 2012: Everett, WA
Location: Hometown Lending 10a-3p
(lunch is provided)

Attendees MUST RSVP In Advance. To Register for the next available class, CLICK HERE or you can simply email Dan Keller at dan.mortgageadvisor@gmail.com or call him directly at (425) 350-7136. Seating in limited so please contact Dan with any questions.

10025 19th Ave NE Suite 100
Everett, WA 98208
Driving Directions & LIVE site to Preview the Office of Dan Keller, Mortgage Advisor
print version: driving directions

House Key Loan Programs & Down Payment Assistance Options

Breaking Down All Of the Down Payment Assistance Programs Available:

There are four different programs offered under the House Key State Bond program.
1. House Key Plus Program
2. Home Choice Program
3. House Key Veterans Program
4. House Key Schools Program

House Key Plus Program
Borrowers can receive a second mortgage at a 5% interest rate with a ten year term to generate their downpayment. Though the program varies across the state, Snohomish County residents can receive up $7,500 if the borrower does not exceed the maximum annual income limit, is a first time homebuyer or lives in a targeted area and the loan is one of the following; FHA House Key Loan, House Key Teacher, MyCommunityMortgage, MyCommunityMortgage 40 year, My CommunityMortgage Interest Only, Freddie Mac Home Possible 100 or Freddie Mac Home Possible 97.

Home Choice Program
Borrowers with a disability or first time homebuyers (or live in a targeted area to qualify) that have a family member with a disability living with them can qualify for a 1% interest on a second mortgage loan for downpayment assistance. Homebuyers must have already qualified for a Fannie Mae Conventional 30 year, 40 year or Interest Only House Key State Bond first mortgage, meet the maximum acquisition cost limit and annual income limit.

House Key Veterans Program
To be eligible for the House Key Veterans program persons must have been honorably discharged or received a discharge for medical reasons with an honorable record, enlisted personnel and honorably discharged personnel of the Washington National Guard and Reserve; and never remarried spouses and dependent children of deceased Veterans. Borrower must be first time homebuyers (or live in a target area to qualify), meet the maximum acquisition limit, maximum income limit and have a first mortgage that is either a VA, FHA House Key Loan, House Key Teacher, MyCommunityMortgage, MyCommunity Mortgage 40 year, MyCommunityInterest Only, Freddic Mac Home Possible 100 or a Freddie Mac Home Possible 97.

House Key Schools Program
To be eligible for 3% interest rate and a ten year term under the House Key Schools program borrowers must be one of the following: teacher and employee of community or technical colleges, K-12 teacher, a private school that is accredited and/or recognized by Washington State. Borrowers must also be first time homebuyers (or live in a targeted area), meet the maximum acquisition limit and income limit and have a first mortgage that is either a FHA House Key Loan, House Key Teacher, MyCommunityMortgage, MyCommunity Mortgage 40 year, MyCommunityInterest Only, Freddic Mac Home Possible 100 or a Freddie Mac Home Possible 97.